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Piper Plus 3 Products are made using fine, flexible wire and a small crochet hook. The technique is similar to an old fashioned “Knitting Nancy” but using spools of different sizes to create the tubular shapes. These can be embellished with beads or flattened and crafted into other designs such as the origami and twisted two colour necklace.


It is also possible to gradually reduce the stitches to create items such as the tiny bowls and pears. The method was devised by Yael Falk (Yoola Designs) and I am so grateful to her for introducing me to a craft which has brought me so much pleasure. 

The name Piper Plus 3 is in memory my much loved little black and white rescue foxy/pug Piper, who would lie faithfully at my feet or on the lounge beside me while I was crocheting.


The Plus 3 is open to interpretation. Some tend to think it refers to myself and my two wonderful offspring, Andrew and Fiona, while it could also mean three other black and white creatures that I love, pandas, pelicans and penguins. 


A big thank you to Andrew and Fiona, not only have they provided practical help, they have both been encouraging and supportive, as have my friends, and I am very grateful.

All prices given are inclusive of GST.

Background Photo by Mona Eendra on Unsplash

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